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A Dozen Red Roses For My Darling  (1986 B-Side of “A Kind of Magic”)
A Human Body  (1980 B-Side)
A Kind Of 'A Kind Of Magic'  (1986 Bonus Track)
A Kind Of Magic  (Highlander Version)
A Kind Of Magic  (12" Extended Version)
A New Life Is Born  (Recorded during the Miracle)
Action This Day  (Demo Version)
Appointment  (1967 Regent Sound Studios)
April Lady  (1970 Pre-Queen “Smile”)
Back Chat  (12" Promo Re-Mix)
Back Chat  (Demo Version)
Blurred Vision  (1985 B-Side of “One Vision”)
Breakthru  (12" Extended Version)
Chinese Torture  (1989 Bonus Track)
Cool Cat  (First-Take Demo Version feat. David Bowie)
Dog With A Bone  (1988 for the official fanclub convention)
Feels Like  (Early Version Of Under Pressure)
Fiddly Jam  (Recorded during the Miracle. Jam session)
Forever  (1986 Bonus Track)
Friends Will Be Friends  (12" Extended Version)
Friends Will Be Friends  (Alternate Version with Crowd Vocals)
Friends Will Be Friends  (Chorus Version)
Football Fight  (1980 B-Side of “Flash”)
Great King Rat  (1971 De Lane Lea Studio Session)
Hammer To Fall  (12” Version)
Hammer To Fall  (12" Headbanger's Mix)
Hijack My Heart  (1989 B-Side)
Hold On  (From the “Zabou” Soundtrack)
I Can't Live With You  (1991 Hollywood Promo Version)
I Go Crazy  (1984 B-Side of “Radio Ga Ga”)
I Guess We're Falling Out  (Recorded during the Miracle)
I Need Time  (1967 Regent Sound Studios)
I Wanna Testify  (“MARC” TV-Show Version)
I Want It All  (Demo Version)
I Want It All  (Different Text Version)
I Want It All / Chinese Torture  (Recorded during the Miracle)
I Want To Break Free  (12" Extended Version)
Innuendo  (Explosive Version)
It's A Beautiful Day  (Complete Version)
It's A Hard Life  (12" Extended Version)
It's Late  (1977 Alan Freeman’s Session)
Jesus  (1971 De Lane Lea Studio Session)
Keep Passing The Open Windows  (12" Extended Version)
Keep Yourself Alive (1971 De Lane Lea Studio Session)
Las Palabras De Amor  (Demo Version)
Let Me Live  (1995 Banned Version)
Liar  (1971 De Lane Lea Studio Session)
Life Is Real  (Demo Version)
Lost Opportunity  (1991 B-Side)
Machines (Back To Humans)  (12" Extended Version)
Machines (Back To Humans)  (12" Instrumental Version)
Mad The Swine  (1973 Unreleased)
Man On The Prowl  (12" Extended Version)
Misfire  (Demo written by J. Deacon)
Must Be More To Life Than This  (Freddie & Michael Jackson)
My Baby Loves Me  (This early version has different lyrics)
My Life Has Been Saved  (1989 B-Side)
My Melancholy Blues  (1977 Alan Freeman’s Session)
My Secret Fantasy  (1990 Recorded during Innuendo)
New York, New York  (Highlander Excerpt)
No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young)
Now I’m There  (1974 Demo)
One Vision  (12" Extended Vision)
One Vision  (Alternate Text Version)
Pain Is So Close To Pleasure  (12" Extended Version)
Polar Bear  (1970 Queen Version)
Radio Ga Ga  (12" Instrumental Version)
Radio Ga Ga  (12" Extended Version)
Radio Ga Ga  (1992 Re-cut)
Robbery  (1990 recorded during the Innuendo sessions)
Rock In Rio Blues  (1995 B-Side)
Scandal  (12" Extended Version)
Scandal  (Demo Version)
See What A Fool I've Been  (1974 B-Side)
Self Made Man  (1990 Recorded during the Innuendo sessions)
She Was Once My Friend  (1967 Regent Sound Studios)
Silly Vision  (Magic Years Excerpt)
Silver Salmon  (Long Version. Early 70's demo)
Silver Salmon  (Short Version)
Somebody To Love  (18/05/02 on BBC w/ cast of WWRY)
Soul Brother  (1982 B-Side)
Spread Your Wings  (1977 Alan Freeman Session)
State Of Shock  (Freddie & Michael Jackson)
Staying Power  (12" Promo Re-Mix)
Staying Power  (Demo Version)
Stealin'  (12 Minute Version recorded during the Miracle)
Stealin'  (1989 B-Side)
Stone Cold Crazy  (1992 Trent Reznor Promo ReMix)
Stone Cold Crazy  (Trash Version)
Thank God It's Christmas  (1984 12" Version)
The Invisible Man  (12" Extended Version)
The Invisible Man  (Demo Version)
The Miracle  (Demo Version)
The Night Come Down  (1971 De Lane Lea Studio Session)
The Queen Medley Styx  (From the 2003 Superbowl show)
Tie Your Mother Down Five + Queen  (Hyde 9th July 2000)
Tie Your Mother Down  (R&R Hall Of Fame Induction)
Too Much Love Will Kill You  (Demo Version)
Too Much Love Will Kill You  (Band Version)
Too Much Love Will Kill You  (Freddie on vocals)
Under Pressure  (Demo Version)
We Are The Champions  (Robbie Willams & Queen)
We Are The Champions  (1991 George Bush Promo Re-Mix)
We Are The Champions  (18/05/02 on BBC w/ cast of WWRY)
We Will Rock You  (1992 Rock Mix)
We Will Rock You  (Five + Queen)
We Will Rock You  (Five + Queen) (Hyde Park 9th July 2000)
We Will Rock You  (1977 Alan Freeman Session)
We Will Rock You  (18/05/2002 on BBC w/ cast of WWRY)
We Will Rock You  (R&R Hall Of Fame Induction)
You Take My Breath Away  (1976 Demo)